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Creation Residence - EHPAD Topaze de Dozulé

With the support of the Conference of Funders for the Prevention of Loss of Autonomy, ARS Normandie, Culture Santé, DRAC Normandie and the Department of Calvados

Within the EHPAD Topaze in Dozulé (14), the team was in residence, dividing its time between workshops and rehearsals.

We intervened every morning at the PASA (Pole of Activities and Adapted Care) with a dozen residents.

Here are the four areas covered:


A work of memory

Who were their grandparents? We are always someone's youngster. Remember the posture of the child facing this old man. Do you look like him?


Mask creation

According to the image of this ancestor. Work on earth, papier-mâché, painting and fixing. Relationship with different materials, transition to volumes, to style (from realism to eccentricity). 

mask work

What is the body of this mask, how to wear it? Transformation and cross-dressing; games, like a child playing dress-up, being different and finding a name for it.

Space work 

What is the space we usually wear and what is the space of the mask? Reorganization of the space, to which we are accustomed, in another place, like a re-appropriation of the living environment.


The residents  were also invited every day to come and see our rehearsals in the multipurpose room of the EHPAD. 

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