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The Daedalus Syndrome

Creation summer 2023 Director Tibor Radvanyi

What is it about? 

We are talking about bureaucracy here. From the absurdity of the system that aims to reduce our complexities to a Cerfa sheet, to how it affects our humanities. 

There will be a gallery of characters stuck in the labyrinths of administration, whether physical or bureaucratic. 

The team will explore the writing of the Absurd with a   visual and dialogue show and seek out what causes the  repetition of movement and the notion of exhaustion serving the absurd.

Write in space 

We will build and deconstruct the game air in a rapid manner for two specific purposes.

First of all to go towards an ambulatory form in a restricted space. Finally to spatially question what happens when it is impossible to talk to each other, to communicate.

The perpetually evolving stage space makes it possible to question the intimate in the public space and to provoke situations where the private spaces allowing the proper functioning of the system no longer exist. 

Sound Writing 

We will work here towards an interactive sound creation included in the scenic space. It will be occasionally provoked by the characters themselves in order to allow an opening towards their intimacy and their feelings like an Opera à la Kurt Weil Electro 


Victor Barrere 

Nicolas Buchoux 

Paul Colom 

Marie-Elisabeth Cornet 

Julia Free 

Irene Laiko 

Sencan Oytun Tokuç 

Scenography: Vartan Kech 

Lighting Design: Christine Mame

Musical Creation: Marielle De Rocca Serra

Production: Collective 2222


C3 le Cube - Heart of Nacre Culture Center of Douvres-la-Délivrande

Victor Hugo Theater - Bagneux

With the support of: 

The Normandy Region / L'Étincelle - Theater of the city of Rouen /

Gesture(s) Group / City of Pré-Saint-Gervais


This show received a Model Aid in 2021 from the Normandy Region

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